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MySpace Codes

I will be adding all these codes very soon. These are just a few. Credit: hot-lyts

Aligning text
Adding border around your page
Adding more sections
Adding extra tables
Basic HTML
Basic Marquees
Bullet list
Color chart
Cool Special Characters
Drop down menu
Flipping your scrollbar
Friends and comments in scrollbox
Hiding your About me and I'd like to meet text
Hide add comment link
Hide contact table
Hide general sections
Hide your entire profile
Hide extended network text
Hide general information
Hiding comments
Hiding only your friends
Hiding friends but keep "view all friends" link.
Hide your comments but keep "add comment" link.
Hide navigation bar
Hiding friends and comments
Hiding music player
Hiding online now icon
Image hover codes
Moving music player
No scrolling page or Disabling profile scrollbar
Removing details and blogs
Removing blogs and extended network *NEW*
Removing Navigation links' separators *NEW!!!*
Removing Top links
Resizing large comment images
Skinny/Tiny Layout code
Scrolling box